Once upon a time


Sometimes i wonder if you are my
[Once upon a time]
or my
[Happily ever after]


Love does not begin the way
we seem to think it does.
Love is a battle,
love is a war;
love is growing up.


I wanna be remembered as the girl who always smiled.
the one who could always brighten your day.
even if she couldnt brighten her own



You cannot give me a generous good life throughout my life

You cannot give me a generous good life throughout my life


If you can not live my life with me as generous , why let me develop this habit from childhood ? ………

Recently saw an article in the United Daily News letter to readers , authors called Allison follows :

A pair of parents, their children graduated from college , work, and have income, so parents no longer give pocket money ,
But the child into the community . Use good eat well . Chase pop. Simply not enough money results throw a word to parents
‘If you can not for a lifetime supply of my privileged life , so why let me develop this habit from childhood ? ……… ‘
Read shiver
We are not also such parents ?
How do we teach our children to love things caring for living things ?

I am twenty years old this year , the current drop out for any reason , at a daycare workers .
Daycare nearby convenience store , kids love to go there to buy things .
Common to throw buns to eat one , half a can of soft drinks do not .
Two before eating potato chips , buy a pack of anything else to eat.
These children usually like to joke stealing other people’s things , like to watch other people anxious look.
I had to stop several times , but they feel no wrong , and even brains also move onto my train pass .

My life has always been frugal , who rarely with more than fifty yuan .
Monthly loss , I can not go home , only staying a friend’s house .
And how I did not think – actually they stole my stuff !
They are very clever , until it is brought out of date monthly back to me .
I say that this behavior is wrong, I will write to inform parents on the contact book .
These kids actually fell two thousand dollars from his wallet and pulled out in front of me :
” Cheapskate , only two thousand , you lose it! ”
” Only ” two thousand yuan it?
I’m not old-fashioned enough to say
“We have that time ah …… ” age,
I have not tasted the taste of poverty
But two thousand yuan is my hard work down from living in frugal is my half of the cost of living ah !
These children can be so even disdain from his wallet ?
Out to throw in front of me !

It reminds me of a time when a tutor before ,
I think that kids are not very wealthy family ,
I am a medical student at an hourly rate is five hundred to seven hundred yuan asking price , but I paid three hundred dollars a long time .
I taught him seriously , but unfortunately students do not mind ,
Always want to chat , do not want lectures,
Later actually pick and clear , said:
” But for my mom on you one hour lesson. Give me five hundred dollars, I do not want to hear you講these silly things too! ”

Had invited me as a tutor , when a student asked him than much cheaper !
I do not know whether these children are really wealthy families , but the attitude of their lives just like the nouveau riche .

So that the children okay ?
Parents can not supply a child for a lifetime !
Is not the Church should be ‘ child thrifty ‘ children to be able to make big money than expected . Maintain a generous life, but more practical .

Yesterday I wrote painfully whiteboard in the classroom :
” A rice porridge , when not come easy ;
Bansi half thread , constant reading material was hard . ”
This is a very old proverb , but I do not think it’s anachronistic .
Teach children the virtues , is to leave them an enormously wealthy man is more important than the assets. Because yourself. Childhood were tough , they try to give their children a better life for the parents ‘Please ponder ‘, so what is the love child, or Hailiaohaizi . Could not bear children suffer in the future he will be more bitter !
Many parents raising a child is in the palm of the hand holding the child , chilled afraid of him , afraid he hungry, hurt too much . . .
In fact, this excessive protection,
Will only make him less able , more dependent , and more I do not know how to face the storms of life.

Love answers

Love answers

Q: How do I know whether it crashed into a woman in love , not in and I play the game ?

Without requiring the love is real , to play this game , that is true. If you can not find out the truth is the kind of non- person, then you are not fit to love . Love is a dream , a fantasy , an unreal thing, it is a romantic poem , if you desperately chase the truth and hold it, love is not something you play in this game , that means you fit walking meditation path.

Things like : “I do not know you , you do not know me .” Encounter , but it was an accident . Everyone has needs, people feel lonely, so I need someone to fill his emptiness , they said it was love. They will “love” carried out, because that is the only person to make another uppercut way , but who knows what it is not love ? Indeed, love is just a game , you can never be sure whether ” the love of others ,” is true , you can only determine one thing: “Your Love” is true.

How can you know the way others do ? Anyway , when you do not need to know. For the love of others whether it is true that if you are always concerned about that , then it is evident that your love is not true. Otherwise, what you need to care ? What’s good for concern ? When love is taking place is to enjoy it when you can be together when it together: the relationship is not true, but you need it.

Many women have told me , after the men had sex , they will be sad to cry , because that was right after he finished a pair of do not care about appearance, his only interest is to meet his particular needs, to meet after the turn to sleep the bulk of his sleep, do not even care about the woman now how . Men also feel cheated , they will gradually begin to suspect a woman is to love him other reasons – for the money, power , security , and their interest is based on economic reasons , it is not love.

However, when you are in Chen Shui , you will need someone to love , even if it is false love , like you need it , so enjoy it ! Do not have to bear the anxiety confused himself , but is committed to make yourself more awake. When you want to use in front of others , such as a person you can really joy, you will not want to take advantage of someone else, you will go to share. You have is so much more to overflowing out, someone will want to share with you, and be able to accept your share of that person, you feel very grateful , so everything just so !

You are too anxious about someone else is not really love you , really, only because you are not sure of your own love , which is one of the points . And you can not determine their value , so you can not believe someone would really love you, you do not see what some of their inner . Even you can not love yourself , and teach others how to love you ? Do you love yourself? You did not even ask this question . Others are not reliable or not you decide , make sure yourself say , a person can be assured of their own , we can certainly all over the world . Determine the depths of your inner feeling will make you respect what they have done , and what happened to you hold a positive attitude , when you calm rooted in your own center, you will no longer worry about such things you accept everything.

When a love ended, you would think that love is false, so it will end. No, not always the case, maybe there was a trace of the real part , but you can not afford to hold , to grasp that promise real . Love once existed , but you let it slip through our fingers , you do not have the ability to love. As far as I can see, I believe that love at the beginning of each section are presented with a bouquet of light, the light is not fake , fake is that they , the dynasty had been real .

When you bring awareness , your heart will rise an unusual love, that love is absolutely true , because it comes from the eternal . That kind of love is not a demand, but the field feast !

Heart Quotes

It’s not about keeping your promises,
and it’s not about following your heart.
It’s about security.

Some men are so macho they’ll get you pregnant just to kill a rabbit

You not only fill my heart with love and joy,
but overfill it that the shut-off valve is powerless to stop it.

Someone who really loves you
sees what a mess you can be,
how moody you can get,
how hard you are to handle,
but still wants you in their life.

Ya know what i miss the most about him?…
the smell of his cologne.
the way he looked into my eyes.
his sweet voice.
when he would hold me in his arms.
when he would call me just to talk.
the way he would tell me any thing.
when he said that he would never leave me.
when he was there.

Your fingertips touched the cold inside my heart

Introductory phrase: once you have long away from me. Today, only one me. No kind of love, you need to give up their dignity degrades. Its humble love, might as well choose single.

When the bell rang, the students are obediently back to the classroom, and just a few minutes to sit down and listen, came a knock on the door came a boy, the teacher said, “He is the new transfer student.” Tall, and and handsome. Me has always been a vacant seat, the teacher let him sit next to me, became my classmate.

Class, and when I went to the playground, I was surprised to see himself sitting on a chair under a tree, watching his back, there is a sense of sadness. He suddenly turned around and saw me looking at him and gave me a polite smile. He laughed deeply that attracted me, and sometimes did not react, school bell has sounded, and he called me a “class, we will soon return to the classroom now.” Back to the classroom, I’m a little embarrassed to ask Road, at the same table, what’s your name? My name is “AN small wind.” My name is “Xiamei Xi” call me Hee Jiuhaola! We just do a good friend.

Time off so fast, blink of an eye has been more than a year. Tomorrow is our teacher took us to the class outing. I told my classmate Ann small wind, as well as my other two good friends, arts children and Meng Yu. Arts and children have feminine and beautiful, it really is hard to suitors! I really was a little jealous of it. Meng Yu is a simple kind of girl, considerate. Everyone loves her.

I called the next small wind, small wind turned up. I gently kissed him, and said, “I like you.” Small wind answered, and that our communication okay? “Well, yes.” Dawn, we all go back, I told the little wind, go to school, eat, school, all go together. Many students are envious of us. Small wind is perfect, whether academic or looks or expertise, are first-class. Many people like small wind, chasing him a lot, but he finally chose me, I’m so happy to be with him. In the small wind came to school the first day, when I began to quietly concerned about his everything, because the moment into the classroom, I was deeply attracted him. I have not said that there has been no expression of his love for me. Until now, I have the courage to say, “I love you.”

We were together a year, did not uttered awkward. Today, I heard a sad news, everyone says small wind with another woman into a hotel, but I do not believe it. I told them that I believe that our feelings, he could not with another woman …… A few days later, even my two good friends have told me that he went to the hotel more than once or twice. You are not a fight? “No ah.” Go, I’ll take you to find him today, he will definitely come to the hotel, so I went with children and Meng Yu Yi went to that hotel. After a while, a woman came in, I could not believe my eyes, even really small wind …… then my tears fell down, heart hurts. Why does he? Why. Do not you love me anymore? I cried and ran back to the bedroom, she quickly went with two over, has comforted me.

I called about a small wind, around the hotel entrance. He came, I gave him a slap. Why deceive me? Together with another woman? Small wind did not speak, Oh, I know, I see everything is true. I can no longer deceive yourself, little wind, we break up, you talk to that woman put together. You have fun with the third party, I go …… When I turned the moment, tears and turbulent flow. Small wind hugged me, “Baby, I’m sorry,” I’m sorry what’s the use? You betrayed me something to do, let me how to forgive you? This year I paid the feelings you feel it? Do you know you do My heart really hurts … If you love her, you treat her, I bless you. Then, I left.

Meng Yu saw me coming back, I saw my haggard look, sad to say, hee, good, everything will be the last …… In fact, his heart is still there, but I did not want to upset it every day. Remind myself not to think about you.

New year again, really fast, we separated more than a year. You will remember me? Many things, many things you want to say to you. Think we had fun together, really happy, but can not go back. I kept thinking there is a disappointing tears streaming down. I found that you left me a long time, my heart or your favorite, simply fell in love with you. But you have gone, I have not touch.

America Hee, hee … America “how?” Meng Yu Yi children shouted with: “I saw a small wind safety.” Just finished, Ann small wind knocking came in, we were silent, small wind open the mouth. “US-hee” We co Okay! Oh, that women do? She dumped you, or do you dumped her too? Then come back to me, do you think I might be okay with you together? I love you, I waited for you for a year, but you did not come back. Now, I do not love you anymore. I thoroughly do not love you, do not you understand? You go, I do not want to see you. Small wind said to me, “I’m sorry, in the past year I have already broken up with her, only now come back to you, I really want a good Who is my favorite.” Impossible, does not mean you love me I still love you. Please leave now, I have my life, you have your life. He was heartbroken to leave my sight, since then, we have not seen for a while. This is really the end …… I a good person can go.

Understand, finally came to understand that we love too much shake, maybe we are able to get muscle power to make another skin, if the blind dedication, we will severely injured, the love is not to possess, as long as the other side like happiness, separation will not give up more, not reluctant to give up anything, but we have to assume their responsibilities, so from the beginning not love is perhaps the best outcome.

Editor: a person that you never do without, and now can not do without, does not mean forever inseparable. Nothing you can not give up. Betray your people, must not again go Hao. Betrays you once, there will be a second time. We have a long way to go, more suitable for our people are still behind.

The sight of first love

After graduating from college, Xiao Yu recruited to a logistics company to do clerks.
Manager is a forty-year-old fat woman, makeup, lordosis after recess, walking a swaying. And colleagues, always smiling to rant. Xiao Yu silently doing their own thing, and managers are often brushed, Xiao Yu unintentionally raised his head to see her, her eyes sharp and disdain.
Xiao Yu methodically doing their own thing, not love and colleagues approached. Colleagues gatherings, events, Xiao Yu also decline, said something not to participate. In others it seems, she was a little offbeat. Xiao Yu can be very satisfied now calm and calm a person’s life. Feel in their own eyes, their genuineness exist. Enjoy a person’s loneliness, a wonderful person.
Xiao Yu always work every day to be outside the company’s canteen Shaoshang cup of tea. That day, she was buying tea, a man grinning at her, facing the commissary, said: “I want to like her.” Xiao Yu looked at her, and turned away. Unexpectedly, he ran to catch up, panting, said: “You called Xiao Yu, and I called Wang Zaihao.” Xiao Yu did not pay him any heed.
“I already know you.” Xiao Yu looked back at him. true love story
“Hey, can not stand, we are a company that I in the business department.” He said with a smile a bit helpless.
“Tomorrow, you do not flounder come to buy, I’ll give you to bring, I stopped.” He said.
“No,” Xiao Yu answered very simply.
Not help, they had been to the company. Colleagues looked at the two of them together, but also drinking like tea, all with strange eyes watching them. Xiao Yu head down, speed up the pace. I saw a man who called Wang Zaihao smiled waved and said: “Hi, my sisters, good morning.” Xiao Yu listened to him a little buzz whizzing.
“You are?” Colleagues asked in unison.
“We are fellow ah, I also know today and we vibes.” Wangzai Hao said as he read the side of Xiao Yu unawares.
Xiao Yu did not see Wang Zaihao just think this little young man, naive little cute.
The next day, Xiao Yu, as usual, drinking tea into the office. Wang Zaihao already waiting for her. Holding two cups of tea. Wangzai Hao Xiao Yu looked at the hands of the flavor of tea, but his hands are like yesterday mango tea, said: “You do not like mango tea ah?”
Xiao Yu casually “ah” sound.
“Do you like these two? Or like? Still have another?” Wang Zaihao looked simply do your own Xiao Yu. “You tell me, OK? I’ll buy you, I really give a lift.” Xiao Yu Wang Zaihao a little begging.
At this time, the door opened, the manager came in with a pungent smell. Wang Zaihao little bitch and managers still face smiling greeting: “Hi.”
“Wang Zaihao, how do you go to our office come?” The manager asked.
“Look, I do not send you tea? Morning cup beauty beauty, spiritual air is crisp.” Wang Zaihao holding tea cater to say.
“You still give the little girl drink, I do not drink this stuff.” Manager said as he looked at Xiao Yu.
“That’s good, manager, Bye. Bye” Xiao Yu looked at the Wang Zaihao knocked a little angry.
Wang Zaihao always whenever you mount Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu is always indifferent. Is sent to tea, but also flowers, no little progress.
One Sunday, Xiao Yu’s turn on duty. Xiao Yu nothing to hang QQ. She looked to find on-line people do not see that person, that person what busy? Go there. Xiao Yu thought of her college classmates, she likes him more than he liked her to be much more. At that time, they were always together, were watching the weather, watching mood changes daily with different flavors of tea drinking. Naicha time, Xiao Yu always loved watching him, Xiao Yu is very happy and satisfied. After graduation, they began to also contact with, mostly Xiao Yu initiative to contact him, then cut off. Xiao Yu cried and cried, and hate too hated, but they still can not forget. It has been quiet of their own these days.
At this time, the door opened, and a tall man, wearing a black hat. Revealing only the eyes. Xiao Yu Zheng Zhu, and her eyes looked deep, clear but confused. Deep melancholy but still just thinking of the eyes, and now in front of familiar and unfamiliar, warm and cold. The man hesitated, looked at Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu still stare at the man, and the eyes. A full several minutes, then that person disappointed gone. Xiao Yu looked at the man disappeared, only to come to understand, lying on the table Aoao crying.
The next day, one into the companies are talking about to say that yesterday to a thief stole downstairs sub-Division valuables. Police are investigating it. Managers laughingly exclaimed: “meeting, and the meeting Xiao Yu.” Everybody get together, the manager said: “Tell us a bad news and good news, the bad news is that other sub-Division stolen The good news is Our company does not have any losses. “colleagues clamored to ask:” Is not no to our company ah? “manager quivered fat face smiled and said:” No, we just watched the monitor, the thief into our company, but only at the door, gazed for a long time our department Xiao Yu, scared started to run the. “Everyone laughs at Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu heart only she knows. The manager said: “The company’s calm view of Xiao Yu gutsy performance, decided to give Xiao Yu merit award, and was promoted to our Division Leader positions.
After the meeting, my colleagues are clustered over to ask Xiao Yu, is how it was. Xiao Yu just laugh it off.
Later, Xiao Yu Wang Zaihao insistence in pursuit, the two men together.
A few years later, Xiao Yu Wang Zaihao asked: “Why did you start ignoring me, and later to accept me?
Xiao Yu said: “First love is only a man, parting will not come again. Eyes are just the same to others. Wangzai Hao proud of Hehedixiao.